Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mac Light Year Mineralize Skinfinsh

Mac Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish - Mac - £21.50

Mac's mineralize skinfinishes are so good for highlighting areas of the face and adding subtle but beautiful hints of colour and shimmer. Therefore I couldn't help myself when I strolled by their newest collection Heavenly Creatures. After swatching this one as well as the other two shades that were in stock, 'Center of the Universe' and ' Star Wonder' I decided upon purchasing 'Light Year' because the lovely peachy, golden shades compliment the blushers I use the most.

On Mac's website this is described as a 'peachy pink with gold shimmer' which I feel is definitely true depending on which colours you pick out or if you swirl them altogether. I personally prefer to use a mixture of all the colours as it gives a better golden effect. I was extremely happy with my purchase and intended to use it on my cheekbones to create a highlighted effect. However Mac claim this can also be a multipurpose product and can be used as a general blush, buffed on the body to add shimmer as well as dusted all over the face. I personally wouldn't use it for these purposes as I feel it would add way too much shimmer to my face.

When I got home and used it before going out I was actually quite disappointed. When I was purchasing it I was in a bit of a rush and therefore only swatched it on the back of my hand rather than testing it out on my face. Therefore I was surprised when I applied it to my cheeks and wondered whether I had been given the product I asked for, as it looked nothing like it did on my hand. The colour doesn't look half as pigmented as it does when I swatched it and although it does glide on really easily and evenly it just did nothing for my skin. There was a shimmer but no peachy/pink/golden tones coming through whatsoever.

My mom tested it out and it looks so much better than it does on my skin. She's pretty dark and wears Mac NW35. Her skin completely glows when this product is applied and the shimmer is literally stunning. I don't know whether this shade therefore suits darker skin tones or maybe it's just not suited for me.

Has anybody tried this shade? What are your favourite Skinfinishes?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week in photos #1

More like a week and a half in photos but here is my first personal update!
1) Overnight trip to Manchester to move out of my halls and into my new house where I will be sharing with my boyfriend, Matthew, as well as my brilliant flat mates Emma and Anna. Of course I overpacked and took three bags for one night. 2) Cheeky bottle of Private Bin to celebrate being reunited with Manchester. 3) Trof is 20 seconds away from my new house and it's just my favourite place. Yummy food & they also make the most amazing amaretto sours mmm! 4) Little bit of a pink shrine going on in our bedroom. Matt's making me hide it all in drawers/get rid of it. Life is unfair. 5) Our kitchen comes complete with a foosball table! 6) Drunken antics in Halifax. 7) Read previous. 8) I really just love eggs. 9) Trying out Aneeks 'fat buster' slimming socks. 10) Colour coordinating my wardrobe to find I don't really own colourful clothing. 11) A nice cup of green tea! 12) Gorgeous morning for a balcony breakfast. 

Weekend wishlist #2

Wants 2
1) The Last Judgement Leggings - Black Milk - £49.71 2) Black and Gold Bar Bodycon Dress - Miss Selfridge - £37 
3) Black Wedge Flatform Sandals - River Island - £35 4) YSL Le Teint Touche Eclate Foundation - Selfridges - £28
5) Michael Kors Stainless Steel and Crystal Chronograph Watch - Net-A-Porter - £195

So these are the items I've been lusting after this week, I'd also love the money to purchase them but that's definitely not happening any time soon!

1) I've always been a fan of Black Milk clothing but never actually purchased anything. I've never been sure whether I can justify spending so much money on a pair of leggings that I'll only be able to wear with a select few tops. Knowing me I'd also get bored of the print after a week, therefore these are more than likely not going to be purchased, but I'll continue to dream about them!

2) This beautiful dress from Miss Selfridge is my absolute LBD dream! It's actually textured although it doesn't look like it here which I love, as I imagine this will make it appear less clingy. It's really simple but would look so good matched with statement gold jewellery. If I had perfect abs this dress would be on it's way to me right now...must do more Zumba. 

3) When I first started seeing flatforms around the high street and online I wasn't too sure. These however have definitely changed my mind. I want them on my feet now!

4) So YSL have finally developed their magic highlighter formula to create a foundation and I'm so eager to try it. This foundation claims to target shadowy areas and define contours as well as being able to build up coverage without feeling the mask like effect many foundations have. The price is spretty surprising for a luxury brand foundation, at £28 it isn't as expensive as competitors and from reading various reviews it seems as though it's worth every penny. I believe there is a 7 day sample available so I'm 100% making a trip to Selfridges tomorrow!

5) Last but definitely not least is this beautiful Michael Kors watch. I've had my Toy Watch for around 2 years now and it's lasted so well. I love gold oversized, big and bulky watches so this is just perfect for me! I've been wanting to purchase a Michael Kors watch for a while now and I'm just waiting to find the perfect one (as well as waiting to find some money) this could just be the one!

Have any of you tried the new YSL foundation or want to? What do you think of it? 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Set

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Set - Gift from USA - Singular purchase from Bobbi Brown - £17

I received this set recently as a gift after months and months of deciding whether or not to purchase the black gel. I'm unsure where/if the duo sets are available to purchase in the UK as this was purchased in America, so if anybody knows please leave a comment so I can update this post!

The boxed packaging is really compact and and the actual pots of eyeliner are so cute and chic, with a glass bottom and smooth black lid. I'm so pleased it comes with an ultra fine eyeliner brush as well. This is the first gel eyeliner I've tried; my standard, go to eyeliner is Rimmel's GlamEyes and I've only ever stuck to high street brands with similar brushes and price ranges. 

Without much practice of using gel eyeliners it does take me a little bit more time than usual to apply this, so I use shade 'Black Ink 1' when I have a bit more time to get ready in a morning. I do think it has a lot more benefits than liquid eyeliners though. I get really annoyed with eyeliners that claim they have a 'true black' colouring when in a couple of hours they turn to a grey, worn shade. Bobbi Brown claims Black Ink is a 'jet black' shade and it does indeed stay true black all day long, without any touch ups. It's a quick drying liner, doesn't smudge as well as appearing more dramatic on the eyes than any other eyeliner I've used before. 

I never would have thought to purchase the second shade 'Sepia Ink 2' because I've always played it safe with black eye makeup, however it's a darker, richer brown than I thought it would be. Therefore it's a great shade for work where I try to tone down my regular make up. 

Although the pots appear very small and there is only a tiny 3g worth of product in each pot, they will last forever so I feel they are definitely a worthwhile investment. This particular product has won a wide range of awards and in my opinion it's easy to see why. I really do wish I'd have bought it when I first discovered it- it's wonderful!

Has anyone tried this product or want to? What are your thoughts on it? I'd love to try more Bobbi Brown products; do you have a favourite? xo

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Motel summer wishlist

1) Janet Sleeveless Plunge Neck Playsuit - Motel - £48 2) Becka Bodycon Skirt in Mirrored Island Print - Motel - £32
3) Lana Bralette - Motel - £22 4) Jodie Cropped Skinny Jean in Pink Palm Leaf Print - Motel - £48
5) Rock 'N Rose Hand of Fatima Bracelet - Motel - £11 6) Rock ' N Rose Livia Studded Cuff - Motel - £11

So I decided to create a 'summer wishlist' from the awesome Motel. I've been loving their clothing over the past couple of months and there are a few things I really want to purchase! Above are the items that I would absolutely love for a summer holiday this year.

1) I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect playsuit for a (possible) holiday this summer and this is one of the best I've seen around. I'll admit that black isn't possibly the best colour to wear on holiday but it's just so cute! I've never had much luck with playsuits, as they all seem to have a horrible fit, looking at this one though it seems too good to be true. £48 is a pretty steep price tag for a playsuit but it could indeed be a possibility for me. 

2) I'm in love with this skirt! Also loving Motel's prints on dresses/skirts in general and I'm never normally a massive fan of bright and vibrant prints. The neon, popping colours in this mirrored island print are perfect for an evening on holiday. The only problem for me would be finding a top to go with it. Reminds me a lot of Black Milk clothing and their crazy prints! 

3) This possibly isn't something I'm going to purchase but it's something I'm loving seeing at the moment. This bralette features a 'thick ladder back' as described on the website which is a real statement design. I'm trying to look for a bikini with the same feature without it looking too bondage...

4) I've been seeing these all over the internet and blogs, I just think it's the cutest summery print ever! I never wear jeans on holiday but I'm so tempted to purchase these, they'd look lovely with sandals, a baggy white tee and an oversized beach bag. 

5) To be honest I've never really had a good look at Motel's jewellery but at the moment they have some wonderful pieces! Loving this Hamsa Hand bracelet.

6) Ear cuffs are gorgeous but my hair is constantly down and covering my ears, so I've never tried them. Again, on holiday this would be perfect for me as my hair is up a lot of the time and would really stand out, possibly teamed with a black maxi dress or denim shorts and oversized tee. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The scrub of your life

Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life - Boots - £7
Botanics Hip and Thigh Body Brush - Boots - £7.50 (now £3.75)

Being one of the 50-80% of people to be plagued with Keratosis Pilaris (red, raised bumps on the back of arms) I've attacked my skin with countless amounts of products from high street to higher end, products recommended in pharmacies as well as prescription products. I've searched online for years to find a 'miracle' product that will banish those horrid little bumps and I've been embarrassed by them for as long as I can remember. That was until I discovered this; Soap and Glory's 'The Scrub of Your Life'.

Firstly the packaging. Soap and Glory's statement pink shade made this stand out for me, along with many other of their products which I've loved since the day I got my hands on them. I'm the biggest sucker for cute packaging and waste money buying products just because they look nice, oops! Soap and Glory always have such strong claims on their products which, in general, can sometimes put me off because I'll try it once, not see results and therefore not use it again. This scrub claims that elbows will become silky, shins will be shimmery, bumps from the back of arms will be gone & that the scrub can conquer all, so I had pretty high hopes for it!

The scent is, of course, so delicious that you want to eat it with their statement 'Pink' fragrance and the texture is not too harsh for a scrub. The pink scrubbing beads are just right to exfoliate the skin whilst also turning into a foam leaving skin feeling so soft and smooth. 

I try to use this a few times a week on my arms using this body brush by Botanics, using circular motions to also boost circulation. I also use it all over to exfoliate before applying fake tan. It's just one of those products that I will always keep coming back to and, for me, worth every penny. Although it can't remove the red dots on the back of my arms, it completely removes the lumps and bumps which I have been so paranoid about for years. I'd really recommend this to anyone in the same position with KP. 

Has anyone tried a similar product that they would recommend for annoying little bumps? Or does anyone use this and like it as much as I do? Let me know! xo

Friday, 20 July 2012

Weekend wishlist #1

1) Leather Jacket With Studs - Zara- £169 2) Boy London Tee - Asos - £35 3) Rose Gold Cuffs - Asos - £15 4) Nude Shopper Basket - Zara - £39.99 5) Jack Skeleton Bangle - Galibardy - £35 6) Gina Blush - Nars - £21 7) Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush - Nars - £21 8) Nike Air Max 1 Fast Love Trainers - Very - £90

Ohh I can tell I'm going to enjoy creating wishlists on a regular basis! 

1) This Zara jacket is possibly one of the cutest studded leather jackets I've seen in a long time but £169 is pretty steep. I'd love to replace my battered old faux leather jacket with this one but if I'm investing that much into a jacket I'd prefer it to keep me really warm during winter. I'm also not the biggest fan of Zara's sizing (S, M, L etc) it's a bit too vague for me. So I guess I won't be purchasing this but it doesn't hurt to lust over it!

2) I've been meaning to buy this tee for quite some time, I can't get enough of tops that I can just slouch about in and I love oversized tees. I can't help but feel distracted by the model's hair in this photo though...

3) Absolutely loving the rose gold trend at the moment, it's something that I've not really tried before. I generally stick to gold jewellery over silver but this is something a bit different and something I really like. Also loving cuffs in general whether it be wrist or hair cuffs, so these things put together make for lovely statement pieces. 

4) My (almost) everyday bag for the past year and a half has been my beautiful black Vivienne Westwood Chancery bag but sadly I feel it's soon coming to an end. The handles are wrecked, material is starting to tear away and it's ageing pretty badly. Therefore I'm on the lookout for oversized bags of any kind, in my eyes there's no other way to have a bag than for it to be bigger than it really needs to be. This one from Zara caught my eye, the colour is perfect for summer but I'm unsure if that is practical for someone as clumsy as me who would probably walk into a wall the first time I use it and dirty it up.

5) I've loved Galibardy.com for the past couple of years and have made many purchases. This brass bracelet is my favourite piece of their website at the moment and I feel like I really just need to have it. It's such a statement piece of jewellery and makes my inner goth happy.

6) Gina is the first shade of Nars' blushers that I tried and it's definitely my favourite, I've just run out of it and I'm so eager to get my hands on more. 

7) I'm on the hunt for the perfect highlighter. After trying all of Benefit's, a few of Mac's as well as high street brands I just can't find the perfect one. I've read so many good reviews on Miss Liberty from Nars that I'm definitely going to purchase it as some point in the near future. 

8) Finally after falling in love with my mint/navy Nike Air Max 1s, I've fallen in love with another pair.  They might have a bit of a steep price tag but I think they're worth every penny. I've actually been wanting these for some time now and they've finally been restocked in my size on Very's website...payday please come sooner!

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend!xo

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Nike Air Max 1 - Size? - £90

These beauties are my latest purchase and couldn't really be more different to the colours I wear on a day to day basis. I generally wear head to toe black even in the middle of summer so these are definitely a big change for me! I've recently been trying to add colour to my wardrobe in the hope that I can dress appropriately for summer, if it ever stops raining that is. 

For £90 I'm trying extremely hard not to scuff these or ruin the material but I am getting more use out of them already than I thought I would. A typical outfit I wear with these would be my American Apparel Disco Pants with an oversized Topshop Neppy Tee, really simple but so comfortable to lounge about in, I guess this is a 'day to day' look for me. I can't get enough of Topshop's Neppy Tee range at the moment, I've purchased three of them and wear them with just about everything. 

Anyway, I'm super happy with my latest purchase and intend on wearing them as much as the weather will permit!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hello! Harriet, 19 and currently studying BSc (Hons) International Fashion Marketing at MMU. I've been wanting to start a blog for some time now and I guess right now is better than ever to begin as I've been feeling extremely unproductive since finishing my first year at uni a couple of months ago. I hope to fill these pages with posts about my latest purchases both fashion and beauty related, outfits of the day, inspiration and influences, wish lists and wants as well as a little bit of what's going on in my life. Enjoy!