Wednesday, 23 January 2013

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray - Feel Unique - £8.45

I remember when I was younger and I first started straightening my hair my mom would go crazy if I wasn't using some sort of heat protection spray. Over the years I eventually stopped bothering with them, whilst also starting to get highlights, bleaching and generally putting my hair through torture without any real care. Now I look back and think, bollocks, I probably should have listened to her! 

So, perhaps a bit of a boring blog post today but one of my resolutions this year is to take a lot better care of my hair from washing, styling, and treating. This leads me to my first haircare product I ordered in the Feel Unique sale over Christmas. I wanted a product I could spray over wet or dry hair and would give me a 'no product' feel; this ticked all the boxes! I didn't want to spend a fortune on this type of product and I wanted a spray that dispensed just the right amount of product; again, perfect!

The packaging is great and simple along with a beautifully fresh fragrance that doesn't smell chemically or artificial. Overall a fantastic product that I have been using every time I apply heat to my hair; using this definitely doesn't make me feel too bad about doing so!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Weekend Wishlist #13

wants #13

1) Petite Plain Midi Bodycon Dress - Topshop - £28
2) Mickey Crop Top - Topshop - £16
3) Print Trousers - H&M - £29.99
4) Print Trousers - H&M - £14.99
5) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Space NK - £33

I can't believe I've neglected blogging for such a ridiculous amount of time. I've had such a lovely Christmas despite not really having a substantial break and commuting between home and Manchester a lot for work. Now I'm back in Manchester, getting back into my uni routine whilst being bombarded with crazy amounts of work (which I should be doing right now). 

1) The first item on my wishlist this week is actually a bit of a lie. I have already purchased this dress from Topshop and returned it. I really really wanted to like it but the material is just horrendous. That and the fact it shows every flaw ever despite it being black and long sleeved. I am definitely still on the hunt for a midi dress suitable for my short self but perhaps something a little less clingy! 

2) I tried this on the other day and fell in love. It is tacky (which I believe is never a bad thing) and just fabulous. 

3) and 4) I guess I currently have a thing for patterned trousers, something I don't think I have ever considered in the past. I tried on the first pair in H&M yesterday and was a bit disappointed at the fit. I will definitely be making a purchase when I find the perfect pair!

5) I've heard such great things about this foundation but I've always been put off purchasing once realising the crazy price tag. Have any of you tried this, what are your thoughts and is it worth the money? Let me know!