Friday, 20 July 2012

Weekend wishlist #1

1) Leather Jacket With Studs - Zara- £169 2) Boy London Tee - Asos - £35 3) Rose Gold Cuffs - Asos - £15 4) Nude Shopper Basket - Zara - £39.99 5) Jack Skeleton Bangle - Galibardy - £35 6) Gina Blush - Nars - £21 7) Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush - Nars - £21 8) Nike Air Max 1 Fast Love Trainers - Very - £90

Ohh I can tell I'm going to enjoy creating wishlists on a regular basis! 

1) This Zara jacket is possibly one of the cutest studded leather jackets I've seen in a long time but £169 is pretty steep. I'd love to replace my battered old faux leather jacket with this one but if I'm investing that much into a jacket I'd prefer it to keep me really warm during winter. I'm also not the biggest fan of Zara's sizing (S, M, L etc) it's a bit too vague for me. So I guess I won't be purchasing this but it doesn't hurt to lust over it!

2) I've been meaning to buy this tee for quite some time, I can't get enough of tops that I can just slouch about in and I love oversized tees. I can't help but feel distracted by the model's hair in this photo though...

3) Absolutely loving the rose gold trend at the moment, it's something that I've not really tried before. I generally stick to gold jewellery over silver but this is something a bit different and something I really like. Also loving cuffs in general whether it be wrist or hair cuffs, so these things put together make for lovely statement pieces. 

4) My (almost) everyday bag for the past year and a half has been my beautiful black Vivienne Westwood Chancery bag but sadly I feel it's soon coming to an end. The handles are wrecked, material is starting to tear away and it's ageing pretty badly. Therefore I'm on the lookout for oversized bags of any kind, in my eyes there's no other way to have a bag than for it to be bigger than it really needs to be. This one from Zara caught my eye, the colour is perfect for summer but I'm unsure if that is practical for someone as clumsy as me who would probably walk into a wall the first time I use it and dirty it up.

5) I've loved for the past couple of years and have made many purchases. This brass bracelet is my favourite piece of their website at the moment and I feel like I really just need to have it. It's such a statement piece of jewellery and makes my inner goth happy.

6) Gina is the first shade of Nars' blushers that I tried and it's definitely my favourite, I've just run out of it and I'm so eager to get my hands on more. 

7) I'm on the hunt for the perfect highlighter. After trying all of Benefit's, a few of Mac's as well as high street brands I just can't find the perfect one. I've read so many good reviews on Miss Liberty from Nars that I'm definitely going to purchase it as some point in the near future. 

8) Finally after falling in love with my mint/navy Nike Air Max 1s, I've fallen in love with another pair.  They might have a bit of a steep price tag but I think they're worth every penny. I've actually been wanting these for some time now and they've finally been restocked in my size on Very's website...payday please come sooner!

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend!xo

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