Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Limited Edition Vaseline Pink Bubbly

Limited Edition Vaseline Pink Bubbly - Boots/Superdrug - £3.49

This isn't exactly the newest product I've bought, I've had it for some time now and have been waiting to talk about it. Somebody told me to wait until I'd been using it for some time because their opinion had changed from bad to good. Unfortunately though mine hasn't changed over the past couple of months. I still hate it. 

As I'm sure I've mentioned before I always have and always will love Vaseline. I started using it in high school when it was dead cool to have the little blue tin. Then everyone got on the Aloe Vera hype and it moved to the green tin, followed by the pinky rose one for a hint of colour. I've literally always carried some form of Vaseline in my bag because no matter what time of year it is I constantly have chapped lips. 

So last year the Limited Edition Creme Brule Vaseline came out and I fell in love with it. I was so sad when I used it all up! However around the time it did, I saw that this new Pink Bubbly version was out and I quickly snapped it up, even if it did cost a mighty £3.49, nearly double the regular tins cost. I was sure I'd love it as much as Creme Brule but sadly not. In my opinion, nothing about it is 'Pink Bubbly' apart from maybe the slight pinky shade of the product. The scent is, in lack of a better word, foul and I actually think it sets off headaches for me. I don't think it moisturises for as long as previous versions; I seem to have to apply very very often which in turn has left me with under half a tin full after only a couple of months. 

I know £3.49 isn't a lot of money but this, in my opinion, is not worth the price. I'd prefer to buy two ordinary tins and have them last me years! Have any of you tried this and had similar thoughts, or maybe you absolutely love it? Let me know!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Weekend wishlist #10

wants 10

1) Silence + Noise Drop Armhole Button Blouse - Urban Outfitters - £42
2) Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberous EDT - Debenhams - £49-£72
3) Cold as Fuck Gloves - Urban Outfitters - £18
4) Black PU Heeled Ankle Boots - Glamorous - £29.99 
5) Heart Ring by Jordan Askill - Topshop - £25

1) I've got a thing for blouses like this at the moment, I'm loving open shoulders and of course an oversized fit. This could possibly be an investment waiting to happen, has anyone seen a cheaper alternative though?

2) Oh my christ this perfume is an absolute dream! I sprayed this on the off chance at work and ever since I've been visiting the perfume counter on every shift to use it. It's such a gorgeous floral mix and is so fresh and uplifting. I'm useless at describing scents but I highly recommend testing this out. It's something I never would have thought to try but it's 100% going on my Christmas list this year! 

3) Witty gloves are great. I don't think I can expand any further on that really!

4) I feel like I've been wanting to invest in a lovely pair of heeled Chelsea boots this winter but I just don't think I'd get enough wear out of them. For a start I despise wearing heels of any kind and I'm much more of a comfort footwear kinda girl! However when I stumbled across these from Glamorous I thought they'd be really good for me, inexpensive so I don't feel the need to wear them constantly but absolutely lovely at the same time!

5) Lastly is this super cute heart ring in rose gold. It's so simple and one of those rings that I'd wear every day, I love it! 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

MAC Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish - MAC/Selfridges - £21.50

Finally! I've been so excited to get my hands on this gorgeous product from MAC; it's from their newest collection Glamour Daze and is described as a liquid-powder highlighter to sculpt and highlight the face. 

First of all the limited edition packaging. I know it's not such a crazy, noticeable difference but it's shiny (yey) meaning it won't get dirty in my make up bag, and really it just adds a hint of luxury to it. This isn't the only luxury to the product- just look at the embossed 3d design, how gorgeous! Kind of makes me hesitant in using it, I don't want to ruin the design!

I decided to purchase this rather than Superb mainly because it's suited more to my paler skin, it just looks more natural and compliments the ranges of blushes I use, however I do think that this would flatter most skin tones. The colour is a soft gold, champagne or even a peachy nude with a lovely shimmer. It isn't sparkly or too flashy on the skin, despite the highly metallic finish in the pan, it just gives a great sheen and highlight to the face. 

In terms of texture, MAC describe this product to have a liquid-powder effect. I find that it goes on so smoothly onto the skin, it's very soft, almost creamy but in powder form? MAC claims that it wears for ten hours which I think is definitely true to a point, I would personally say around eight hours then very slight fading. 

One negative, and there is only one in my opinion, is that this product can emphasize my pores if layered to create a more dramatic highlight of the skin. However this isn't too much of a problem because I feel I much prefer this as a day time highlighter, using just a very light application which has little to no effect on my pores. Overall I'm pretty much in love with this skinfinish, it'll last forever thanks to the mighty 9g worth of product you get, it completely compliments my skin tone and it just feels and looks so luxurious!

Have you tried any of MAC's Extra Dimension Skinfinishes? What are your thoughts? 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend wishlist #9

wants 9

1) Crop Pleat Back Shirt - Topshop - £35 
2) Black Zip Back Textured Long Sleeve - New Look - £24.99
3) Premium Tubular Necklace - Topshop - £35
4) Clinique High Impact Mascara - Selfridges - £16
5) Models Own Nail Polish in Utopia - Selfridges - £5

I am finally going to be bringing back the weekend wishlists! What with moving back to Manchester, not having Internet for over a month and, to be honest, my complete lack of motivation I haven't created a wishlist in quite some time. They are something I really enjoy doing, and of course I hope you guys enjoy them too! So here we go!

1) How cute is this shirt? Really though? I am currently struggling to find a reason for me not to purchase this shirt. It is the sweetest pastel shade with unusual back detailing. One negative, however, is the fact that this is a cropped cut- not the biggest fan. Worn with Disco Pants though this would make a lovely outfit. I need to go try this on asap!

2) This winter I'm on the lookout for an oversized wooly knit tee/jumper to save me from the cold! I stumbled across this one from New Look the other day and although it's pretty basic, it's a perfect winter staple.

3) Tubular necklaces are still going strong and this Topshop piece is fantastic! £35 is pretty steep but it's a definite statement item. I am also currently loving the silver/gold clash I've been seeing around, never thought I would say that!

4) I've been using the mini size of this mascara that I received at Bonus Time, post here. Looking back I think I gave this product a bit of an unfair dismissal. I tried it a couple of times and just kind of chucked it in my make up bag and forgot about it. When I ran out of my usual mascara however I began to reach for it more, and recently I don't think I want to try anything else! It's actually great; lengthens, curls, thickens, everything you could ask for in a mascara really. Once I've finished the mini size I'm almost certain I will be purchasing the full size version!

5) This is a product I have been wanting forever but for some reason haven't purchased yet. To be honest, I don't do that much online shopping and there aren't really many places that stock Models Own near me (that I'm aware of!) The places that do stock the brand have a very limited collection. It's a divine light lilac/grey shade and a perfect everyday go to colour. I will get my hands on this one day!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Medium - Selfridges / Debenhams - £27

It's not often I make an impulse beauty purchase without reading any reviews or being recommended to try something, which is why immediately after spending nearly £30 on a bronzer I walked out of Selfridges feeling just a little bit anxious. Bobbi Brown is a brand I haven't invested in as much as others which is strange seeing as though earlier this year I fell in love with their gel eyeliner, post here, and now this bronzer. 

I actually set out to purchase Nars' Laguna Bronzer after hearing so much about it, I really wanted it to live up to the hype! However once applied in store it looked as though I had dirt on my face. I looked ill and it just didn't sit right. It really looked horrendous on my skin tone, which is sad to say due to my love of Nars in general!

It was then when I wandered round and stumbled upon the Bobbi Brown counter. I got matched with the shade Medium, which is the second darkest shade out of the five available. When I first saw the colour I worried slightly that I would resemble an absolute idiot who had smothered their face in make up obviously too dark for their skin tone. Once applied however, the colour is an absolute dream and my absolute perfect match! Not dirty or muddy looking, not orange toned at all, just right! It literally gives you an instant summer glow and a healthy look.

It comes in a fantastic compact which opens easily, a large mirror and 8g worth of product. I feel this is quite a lot for something which isn't used in great quantity; it will certainly last me a while! 

With a lovely silky-smooth, matte texture, this bronzer works perfectly for me. It's extremely long wearing; I've been able to wear this throughout the day and into the evening without any need for touch ups. However if touch ups are required the application is yet again smooth, leaving no patchiness or clinging to dry skin. With absolutely no shimmer, this bronzer is 100% matte and natural looking. I feel like it definitely makes a difference to my skin and I feel so much more healthy looking when wearing this. An added bonus is that it doesn't affect my oily t-zone, result!

Honestly I could go on and on about this product. It's the best thing I've purchased in a long time and have no regrets over spending so much on something I didn't originally set out to buy. If you can't tell already, I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone no matter what your skin tone or type. What's your favourite bronzer? Do you enjoy Bobbi Brown products?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer - Boots - £10.99

Honestly. Where have I been? Why have I only just picked one of these things up? I think it may have been the price, and the fact that if I'm honest, I've never been too bothered about what kind of hairbrush I use. I recently picked a Tangle Teezer up in Boots in a 3 for 2 offer (they tempt me every single time!) and I've literally been using it non stop ever since. Of course I purchased the bright pink one and I've been seeing results from the first time I used it.

Over the past couple of years my hair has really had a growth spurt. After years of intense bleaching, I've calmed down a bit and have tried to give my hair a lot more loving. With long hair though comes knots and plenty of tangling! Previously I would attempt to tackle this whilst inflicting a lot of pain and anger onto my head. The Tangle Teezer however glides through knots with absolute ease, on wet or dry hair. I don't get breakage or damage and it takes a fraction of the time to get rid of a knot thanks to its unique teeth configuration.

Easy to grip and hold, handy to use at home or to chuck in a handbag for use when out and about and overall one of those products you just have to have!