Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week in photos #1

More like a week and a half in photos but here is my first personal update!
1) Overnight trip to Manchester to move out of my halls and into my new house where I will be sharing with my boyfriend, Matthew, as well as my brilliant flat mates Emma and Anna. Of course I overpacked and took three bags for one night. 2) Cheeky bottle of Private Bin to celebrate being reunited with Manchester. 3) Trof is 20 seconds away from my new house and it's just my favourite place. Yummy food & they also make the most amazing amaretto sours mmm! 4) Little bit of a pink shrine going on in our bedroom. Matt's making me hide it all in drawers/get rid of it. Life is unfair. 5) Our kitchen comes complete with a foosball table! 6) Drunken antics in Halifax. 7) Read previous. 8) I really just love eggs. 9) Trying out Aneeks 'fat buster' slimming socks. 10) Colour coordinating my wardrobe to find I don't really own colourful clothing. 11) A nice cup of green tea! 12) Gorgeous morning for a balcony breakfast. 

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  1. Loving all of the organisation in this post with your pink shrine and nicely arranged wardrobe haha! xo