Thursday, 19 July 2012


Nike Air Max 1 - Size? - £90

These beauties are my latest purchase and couldn't really be more different to the colours I wear on a day to day basis. I generally wear head to toe black even in the middle of summer so these are definitely a big change for me! I've recently been trying to add colour to my wardrobe in the hope that I can dress appropriately for summer, if it ever stops raining that is. 

For £90 I'm trying extremely hard not to scuff these or ruin the material but I am getting more use out of them already than I thought I would. A typical outfit I wear with these would be my American Apparel Disco Pants with an oversized Topshop Neppy Tee, really simple but so comfortable to lounge about in, I guess this is a 'day to day' look for me. I can't get enough of Topshop's Neppy Tee range at the moment, I've purchased three of them and wear them with just about everything. 

Anyway, I'm super happy with my latest purchase and intend on wearing them as much as the weather will permit!

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