Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mac Light Year Mineralize Skinfinsh

Mac Light Year Mineralize Skinfinish - Mac - £21.50

Mac's mineralize skinfinishes are so good for highlighting areas of the face and adding subtle but beautiful hints of colour and shimmer. Therefore I couldn't help myself when I strolled by their newest collection Heavenly Creatures. After swatching this one as well as the other two shades that were in stock, 'Center of the Universe' and ' Star Wonder' I decided upon purchasing 'Light Year' because the lovely peachy, golden shades compliment the blushers I use the most.

On Mac's website this is described as a 'peachy pink with gold shimmer' which I feel is definitely true depending on which colours you pick out or if you swirl them altogether. I personally prefer to use a mixture of all the colours as it gives a better golden effect. I was extremely happy with my purchase and intended to use it on my cheekbones to create a highlighted effect. However Mac claim this can also be a multipurpose product and can be used as a general blush, buffed on the body to add shimmer as well as dusted all over the face. I personally wouldn't use it for these purposes as I feel it would add way too much shimmer to my face.

When I got home and used it before going out I was actually quite disappointed. When I was purchasing it I was in a bit of a rush and therefore only swatched it on the back of my hand rather than testing it out on my face. Therefore I was surprised when I applied it to my cheeks and wondered whether I had been given the product I asked for, as it looked nothing like it did on my hand. The colour doesn't look half as pigmented as it does when I swatched it and although it does glide on really easily and evenly it just did nothing for my skin. There was a shimmer but no peachy/pink/golden tones coming through whatsoever.

My mom tested it out and it looks so much better than it does on my skin. She's pretty dark and wears Mac NW35. Her skin completely glows when this product is applied and the shimmer is literally stunning. I don't know whether this shade therefore suits darker skin tones or maybe it's just not suited for me.

Has anybody tried this shade? What are your favourite Skinfinishes?

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