Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Medium - Selfridges / Debenhams - £27

It's not often I make an impulse beauty purchase without reading any reviews or being recommended to try something, which is why immediately after spending nearly £30 on a bronzer I walked out of Selfridges feeling just a little bit anxious. Bobbi Brown is a brand I haven't invested in as much as others which is strange seeing as though earlier this year I fell in love with their gel eyeliner, post here, and now this bronzer. 

I actually set out to purchase Nars' Laguna Bronzer after hearing so much about it, I really wanted it to live up to the hype! However once applied in store it looked as though I had dirt on my face. I looked ill and it just didn't sit right. It really looked horrendous on my skin tone, which is sad to say due to my love of Nars in general!

It was then when I wandered round and stumbled upon the Bobbi Brown counter. I got matched with the shade Medium, which is the second darkest shade out of the five available. When I first saw the colour I worried slightly that I would resemble an absolute idiot who had smothered their face in make up obviously too dark for their skin tone. Once applied however, the colour is an absolute dream and my absolute perfect match! Not dirty or muddy looking, not orange toned at all, just right! It literally gives you an instant summer glow and a healthy look.

It comes in a fantastic compact which opens easily, a large mirror and 8g worth of product. I feel this is quite a lot for something which isn't used in great quantity; it will certainly last me a while! 

With a lovely silky-smooth, matte texture, this bronzer works perfectly for me. It's extremely long wearing; I've been able to wear this throughout the day and into the evening without any need for touch ups. However if touch ups are required the application is yet again smooth, leaving no patchiness or clinging to dry skin. With absolutely no shimmer, this bronzer is 100% matte and natural looking. I feel like it definitely makes a difference to my skin and I feel so much more healthy looking when wearing this. An added bonus is that it doesn't affect my oily t-zone, result!

Honestly I could go on and on about this product. It's the best thing I've purchased in a long time and have no regrets over spending so much on something I didn't originally set out to buy. If you can't tell already, I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone no matter what your skin tone or type. What's your favourite bronzer? Do you enjoy Bobbi Brown products?


  1. oooh this sounds good!i really want a new bronzer.I tried my friends laguna and I wasn't that impressed!x

    1. Laguna is too overhyped in my opinion, this is so amazing in comparison!xo

  2. Looks like such a good bronzer!


  3. I must try this! It looks lovely!

  4. it looks so lovely ! xx

  5. This looks great I want to try it now!x