Saturday, 17 November 2012

Weekend wishlist #10

wants 10

1) Silence + Noise Drop Armhole Button Blouse - Urban Outfitters - £42
2) Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberous EDT - Debenhams - £49-£72
3) Cold as Fuck Gloves - Urban Outfitters - £18
4) Black PU Heeled Ankle Boots - Glamorous - £29.99 
5) Heart Ring by Jordan Askill - Topshop - £25

1) I've got a thing for blouses like this at the moment, I'm loving open shoulders and of course an oversized fit. This could possibly be an investment waiting to happen, has anyone seen a cheaper alternative though?

2) Oh my christ this perfume is an absolute dream! I sprayed this on the off chance at work and ever since I've been visiting the perfume counter on every shift to use it. It's such a gorgeous floral mix and is so fresh and uplifting. I'm useless at describing scents but I highly recommend testing this out. It's something I never would have thought to try but it's 100% going on my Christmas list this year! 

3) Witty gloves are great. I don't think I can expand any further on that really!

4) I feel like I've been wanting to invest in a lovely pair of heeled Chelsea boots this winter but I just don't think I'd get enough wear out of them. For a start I despise wearing heels of any kind and I'm much more of a comfort footwear kinda girl! However when I stumbled across these from Glamorous I thought they'd be really good for me, inexpensive so I don't feel the need to wear them constantly but absolutely lovely at the same time!

5) Lastly is this super cute heart ring in rose gold. It's so simple and one of those rings that I'd wear every day, I love it! 


  1. I love the rose gold ring!

  2. The boots are gorgeous! I'm after a similar pair myself even though I hardly ever wear heels either :)

  3. i love the ring! cute and rose gold, perfect! x

  4. that ring is beautiful, and I absolutely adore blouses in that style at the moment :) x

  5. I love those gloves haha and the ring is so cute xo

  6. Those gloves are soooo sweet! I need some badly, my fingers keep freezing :(



    there is a similar shirt except the collar is studded! I love the ankle boots also, i nearly bought them myself! xx