Sunday, 11 November 2012

Weekend wishlist #9

wants 9

1) Crop Pleat Back Shirt - Topshop - £35 
2) Black Zip Back Textured Long Sleeve - New Look - £24.99
3) Premium Tubular Necklace - Topshop - £35
4) Clinique High Impact Mascara - Selfridges - £16
5) Models Own Nail Polish in Utopia - Selfridges - £5

I am finally going to be bringing back the weekend wishlists! What with moving back to Manchester, not having Internet for over a month and, to be honest, my complete lack of motivation I haven't created a wishlist in quite some time. They are something I really enjoy doing, and of course I hope you guys enjoy them too! So here we go!

1) How cute is this shirt? Really though? I am currently struggling to find a reason for me not to purchase this shirt. It is the sweetest pastel shade with unusual back detailing. One negative, however, is the fact that this is a cropped cut- not the biggest fan. Worn with Disco Pants though this would make a lovely outfit. I need to go try this on asap!

2) This winter I'm on the lookout for an oversized wooly knit tee/jumper to save me from the cold! I stumbled across this one from New Look the other day and although it's pretty basic, it's a perfect winter staple.

3) Tubular necklaces are still going strong and this Topshop piece is fantastic! £35 is pretty steep but it's a definite statement item. I am also currently loving the silver/gold clash I've been seeing around, never thought I would say that!

4) I've been using the mini size of this mascara that I received at Bonus Time, post here. Looking back I think I gave this product a bit of an unfair dismissal. I tried it a couple of times and just kind of chucked it in my make up bag and forgot about it. When I ran out of my usual mascara however I began to reach for it more, and recently I don't think I want to try anything else! It's actually great; lengthens, curls, thickens, everything you could ask for in a mascara really. Once I've finished the mini size I'm almost certain I will be purchasing the full size version!

5) This is a product I have been wanting forever but for some reason haven't purchased yet. To be honest, I don't do that much online shopping and there aren't really many places that stock Models Own near me (that I'm aware of!) The places that do stock the brand have a very limited collection. It's a divine light lilac/grey shade and a perfect everyday go to colour. I will get my hands on this one day!


  1. Utopia is probably one of my favourite Model's Own shades. It's perfect for both Summer and Winter.
    I love everything on your wishlist.

  2. Utopia is THE best! Do you have a Boots near you? They sell them there :) I love that little jumper too xo