Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Limited Edition Vaseline Pink Bubbly

Limited Edition Vaseline Pink Bubbly - Boots/Superdrug - £3.49

This isn't exactly the newest product I've bought, I've had it for some time now and have been waiting to talk about it. Somebody told me to wait until I'd been using it for some time because their opinion had changed from bad to good. Unfortunately though mine hasn't changed over the past couple of months. I still hate it. 

As I'm sure I've mentioned before I always have and always will love Vaseline. I started using it in high school when it was dead cool to have the little blue tin. Then everyone got on the Aloe Vera hype and it moved to the green tin, followed by the pinky rose one for a hint of colour. I've literally always carried some form of Vaseline in my bag because no matter what time of year it is I constantly have chapped lips. 

So last year the Limited Edition Creme Brule Vaseline came out and I fell in love with it. I was so sad when I used it all up! However around the time it did, I saw that this new Pink Bubbly version was out and I quickly snapped it up, even if it did cost a mighty £3.49, nearly double the regular tins cost. I was sure I'd love it as much as Creme Brule but sadly not. In my opinion, nothing about it is 'Pink Bubbly' apart from maybe the slight pinky shade of the product. The scent is, in lack of a better word, foul and I actually think it sets off headaches for me. I don't think it moisturises for as long as previous versions; I seem to have to apply very very often which in turn has left me with under half a tin full after only a couple of months. 

I know £3.49 isn't a lot of money but this, in my opinion, is not worth the price. I'd prefer to buy two ordinary tins and have them last me years! Have any of you tried this and had similar thoughts, or maybe you absolutely love it? Let me know!

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  1. I also constantly have chapped lips, so rubbish! I loved the Creme Brule one but this one didn't interest me at all! xo