Monday, 3 December 2012

(Late) Weekend wishlist #11

wants 11

1) Faux Leather Sweater - Zara - £35.99
2) Christmas Pudding Bin Bags - Topshop - £10
3) Abbi Chelsea Ankle Boots - ASOS - £38
4) Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne - Jo Malone/John Lewis - £38-£76
5) Diptyque Oriental Spruce Candle - John Lewis - £45

1) I saw this in store and didn't think it was anything special. After seeing it on a couple of people now though it looks amazing on! The pictures aren't that clear but it's basically a bit of a reverse on the popular leather sleeve thing that's been going on recently. I'm definitely going to have to try this on next time I'm in town!

2) I think these are absolutely brilliant, definitely a complete waste of money though! 

3) So these don't look all that great on the ASOS website but I've seen them circulating around blogs and they are fab! Great dupes for the sold out Allegra Topshop boots and only £38! Definitely tempted to purchase these right now...

4) On the Christmas list! I've been trying to find a new perfume for some time now and wanted a completely different scent to what I usually wear. I wanted something a little more fresh and fruity, this fits the bill exactly! 

5) I smelt this on a recent trip to Selfridges and fell in love. It's not exactly a scent I thought I would be initially attracted to, but as it turns out I apparently enjoy the smell of fir trees.  I found it to be a really warm, comforting scent, it definitely reminded me of Christmas and being cosy. To be honest I do think the online description is a little OTT and dramatic, but I suppose it would have to be when paying £45 for a candle!

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  1. You have the best taste haha. The bin bags are amazing. Adore the chelsea boots too xo