Friday, 24 August 2012

Weekend wishlist #6

wants 6

1) Open Shoulder Asymmetric Tunic - Topshop - £16 2) Blot Powder Pressed - Mac - £20 
3) Bronzer in Desert Sun - Topshop - £12.50 4) Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser - Origins - £17
5) Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish for Shiny Places - Origins - £12 6) Essie Polish in Bikini So Teeny - Superdrug - £7.99
7) Moto Supersoft Skinny Leigh Jeans - Topshop - £38

1) I first saw this top on one of my absolute favourite bloggers, Lily, here. When I found the image on the Topshop website I thought it would've definitely been an item I scrolled right past because it honestly doesn't look that appealing to me. I'm so glad I've seen it on somebody though because it looks so much better! I will always have a thing for oversized, baggy tees that are perfect for throwing on for uni. It's really simple and would look great with jeans or leggings to create a casual look, as well as with statement jewellery, disco pants and chunky wedges for a night on the town! 

2) So I've been searching high and low for the 'perfect' powder to combat my skin type. I have an oily t-zone mixed with dry patches and it's pretty much just a nightmare to find products that work for both these problems. After researching and testing out a ridiculous amount of products over the years I thought I had found my true love in Mac's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and sure enough I've been using it for a long time and been through so many compacts. Recently though I find it leaves my face looking too 'made up' and if I touch up during the day it can leave my skin looking cakey and patchy. I've read endless reviews on Mac's Blot Powder and it just seems too good to be true, perfect for removing shine, setting foundation without noticeable texture as well as touching up throughout the day. I need to try this out asap!

3) I noticed this bronzer, as well as another shade, on Topshop's website this week and they just look adorable! It claims to be a bronzer, although without having swatched this yet, it looks to me more like a blush/highlighter duo. I will definitely be taking a closer look at this item and testing it out in store.

4) I haven't tried out Origins products before, mainly due to the price tag and because I've been using Clinique's skincare products since before I can remember and, until now, have been happy sticking to them. As mentioned above, I have an oily t-zone; this can develop during the day and I find myself touching up my powder multiple times. In the past I thought just changing my make up would help this but I'm now coming to terms with the fact that I may need to change my skincare routine and look for something to combat oil! Another one of my favourite bloggers, Aimee, recently posted about her Origins haul, here, and this cleanser was featured with a positive review. I feel like I absolutely definitely want to try this out, if I can splash out £17 for it...

5) Another Zero Oil Origins product. This 'Instant Matte Finish for Shiny Places' product claims to instantly blot up any oil to leave skin looking matte without over drying. I feel this would be perfect for applying before make up, although Origins say it can be used over make up as well. 

6) I purchased my first ever Essie nail polish this week; Tart Deco, review coming soon. I absolutely love it and I can now see myself spiralling into an Essie addiction. For £8 it's definitely at the top end in terms of how much I would be happy paying for a nail polish. This shade, Bikini so Teeny (coolest polish name ever?) is a lovely shimmering sky blue from the Summer collection now available in selected Boots and Superdrugs.

7) Last on my wishlist is a pretty boring item, but as it happens I don't actually own a pair of jeans. Not even one. It seems the Leigh jean style in Topshop is the most popular these days and perhaps the most flattering. Every time I've bought jeans in the past I've just had the most horrific experience; they'll fit my legs but that zip has no chance of going up, or they'll fit my waist but be way too baggy around my legs. I always hear positive reviews on the fit of these jeans, the only downside being they can fade really quite bad after just a couple of washes. Do you guys have any recommendations for jeans? Where's your favourite place to get them from?


  1. that bronzer looks gorgeous.
    gaaah, i need more pennies so i can afford nice pretty things like that!.
    speak soon mrs.
    laura xx

    1. It looks so nice doesn't it, definitely need to go swatch this asap! xo

  2. I'm loving that top, and I was certainly inspired by llymlrs to buy its!
    I love that gorgeous bronzer too! xx

    1. I want to try it on but can never see it in store!xo

  3. Absolutely love the colour of Bikini So Teeny!

    1. Definitely going to be my next purchase:)xo

  4. That topshop bronzer looks gorgeous!


  5. I love the Topshop top too, also thanks to Lily! I'd never have even looked at it otherwise! & I purchased Bikini so Teeny today! I am in love... my Essie addiction is going to get out of control soon if I'm not careful haha

    L x

  6. I'm always reading things about Origins products, but the price tag is too high haha :-( Love this wishlist btw, so nice x

  7. The tee is actually really cool! lovin' the asymmetric shape.
    The topshop leigh jeans are just my favourite, they are so comfy x