Sunday, 26 August 2012

Week in photos #5

1) My beautiful Princess came to visit me earlier this week and she was so excited! It sucks so bad she can't live in our apartment. 2) Nandos for mine and Matthew's 2 and a half year anniversary, we're so romantic. 3) Amy is a good cook, yummy carrot and coriander soup with homemade bread yum! 4) Canoe club is so annoying; loads of kids messing around in canoes every week and screaming as loud as they possible can, go away! 5) Essie Tart Deco - review coming soon. 6) Constantly waiting for buses. 7) Face. 8) Went to Harvey Nichols and treated my mom to champagne cocktails for her birthday, number 1 daughter! 9) Had the absolute best curry in the world with the biggest naan bread, safe to say the waiter had absolutely no clue how to take a photo on Instagram haha! 


  1. Cute doggy hehe!
    Your make-up is flawless, beautiful :) x

  2. oh my gosh your dog is sooo cute!
    Lovely photos xx

  3. mmm those cocktails look delish! That naan bread is outrageous haha that's amazing xx

  4. cute dog:) I follow you now Would you like to follow me back if you like
    Magda xx