Saturday, 11 August 2012

Weekend wishlist #4

Wants 4

1) Nation Army Jacket - Yayer - £45 2) Multi Zip Cat Clutch Bag - Asos - £30 
3) Melba Blush - Mac - £17.50 4) Hello Kitty Authentic Vans -  Schuh - £50 
5) Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche - House of Fraser or Debenhams - £40

1) I've been starting to see a lot of military/army influences filtering down into the high street recently ready for autumn/winter including plenty of oversized army jackets and khaki colourways. I am definitely a fan of this Yayer jacket. At the time of this post there was only 1 jacket left, it seems this trend is selling like hotcakes! Urban Outfitters are selling jackets very similar as well as in a lovely khaki colour through their Urban Renewal collection, priced at £48. I do find the price tag of nearly £50 quite hefty for a jacket which I imagine is pretty lightweight. I think I will definitely be searching eBay for something similar at a fraction of the price!

2) When I found this next item it was in the sale for around £18, however Asos have now put the price up, how unlucky! Anyway I don't actually own a clutch bag mainly due to my clumsiness/forgetfulness and I'd end up losing it on a night out. I would really like one though and how could you not want this by your side all night, it's so cute! 

3) Have you ever found a product that you really want and then can't get your mind off it? Yeah, that's this next item for me. I've seen Melba on many of my favourite bloggers and it's just beautiful. It's been linked with looking similar to Nars' Gina blush (which is my absolute all time favourite blush) but with a 100% matt finish and no shimmer. Mac describe it as a 'soft coral-peach' the perfect colouring for my skin tone. I just need it!

4) First of all, when on earth did Vans become so expensive?! This is my inner child coming through here but come onnn, how cute are these!

5) Again, this product has been featured on a lot of blogs and although I haven't tested it out myself it just has such a wonderful reputation of having a beautiful 'holiday scent'. So perhaps this isn't particularly a want to buy straight away, but more a want to smell right now! I believe it's released every summer and sells out pretty quick. The description sounds lovely and something a bit different to what I normally wear, but if you smell like a tropical holiday every day you can't go wrong!


  1. i love the clutch, i had it on one of my wishlists a few weeks back too! shame they've put the price up!

  2. Ah the Vans are so lovely! I wanted that clutch in nude pink so badly xo