Thursday, 9 August 2012

Swimwear wishlist

Swimwear wants
1) Criss Cross Detail Bikini - Asos - top £18 bottoms £14 2) Fruit Pastel Halterneck Red Swimsuit - Motel - £35
3) American Flag Print Bikini - Missguided - £16.99 4) Spandex Shiny Stripe Tank Bodysuit - American Apparel - £32
5) 3D Flower Bikini - River Island - top £15 bottoms £10 
6) Nylon Tricot Criss Cross Bikini - American Apparel - top £17 bottoms £17 (now £8.50)

I recently booked quite a last minute holiday for myself and Matthew so I'm in desperate need of all things holiday asap! My starting point is bikinis and swimsuits. After recently losing two and a half stone I'm feeling a tiny bit more confident to frolic around in swimwear but it has to be flattering, so it looks like I'll be spending the next couple of weeks trying on swimwear and becoming depressed when I don't look exactly like the models above.  

1) This is my absolute dream bikini but, of course, it's sold out. So if anybody here knows where I can get something similar please leave a comment, it would be very much appreciated! Nothing too bondage-esque though please...

2) Such a cutie little swimsuit but it looks quite high rising, not the biggest fan of this, nor the bra like structure. If I looked like this though I would wear this every day of the week. 

3) I do absolutely love this. I've seen cheaper versions on eBay though, for example here, but I've never had the best of luck when ordering things from China so I might have to give it a miss. This is a little cheaper though for an already bargain of a bikini. 

4) I'm not really one for all in one swimsuits. If I do purchase them then I normally go for the ones with sides cut out so it's just a bikini with a strip down the middle (you end up with the most ridiculous tan lines, I really have no idea why I wear them). I really like this one though, online it looks quite flattering  and I'm sold whenever spandex is involved.

5) As I've said before, I'm not River Island's biggest fan. The last bikini I purchased from there made me look a bit like a gypsy. However this is quite simple with a cute, girly edge and in a lovely bright colour. I will definitely have to go into store and try this on, it could be a winner!

6) Finally this last American Apparel number slightly resembles the strappy criss cross feature I liked about the Asos bikini. For me the back looks a bit too messy though, and from reviews I have read that they aren't the most flattering for breasts over an A cup. Perhaps not for me. 

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  1. I've always like the prints on Motel's swim wear, but I agree they do all like quite high rising which puts me off! I'm not a huge RI fan either, but that pink one looks really cute! x