Monday, 20 August 2012

Week in photos #4

1) I hate maxi dresses but I'm in love with this one, featured in my weekly wishlist here. 2) Cheapy McCheap navy 'disco pants' for £20, bargain! 3) Newest purchase, studded black shorts for my holiday, I love them! 4) Went for a curry, went to the pub then went to the strangest club I've ever seen. 5) Myself and Zoe after a few too many 75p drinks. 6) Zoe after way too many 75p drinks and 'sneaky mushrooms'. 7) Zoe cooked us a lovely meal of chicken with brie and bacon, sweet potato, a few roasties and carrots yuuuum! 8) Went to VW festival mainly just for the penguins. 9) Finally purchased these brushes and I can't wait to use them! 

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