Monday, 6 August 2012

Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam

Highlighter in Sunbeam - Topshop - £9

So my search for the perfect highlighter for my skin has been a long and somewhat expensive journey. I've tried products from the high street and higher end brands, creams, liquids and powders but nothing has ever worked for me. Now I'm not saying that Topshop's highlighter is absolutely perfect, but it's certainly ten times better than anything I've tried before, and for the price you definitely can't go wrong.

When I first tried Topshop's make up products we definitely did not get along. Their liquid eyeliner was absolutely terrible and the texture of the cream to powder blush is just not for me. Therefore I was hesitant when I saw this in the Manchester Arndale store. After swatching it on the back of my hand I fell in love with the gold shimmer and decided I had to buy it, for £9 it's literally a bargain! I originally set out to purchase Nars highlighting blush in Miss Liberty but I decided to hold off and see what I made of this one first. 

The compact is simple but cute in their signature white packaging with dark grey patterns, this product has tiny little stars on the lid which I thought was sweet! The only downside is the fact that it's only been in my make up bag for under a week and it's already filthy from other products/the general horrendous state my make up bag is in. I know this is my fault and I should really clean it out but due to how lazy I am it'd be nice if Topshop brought out a range with dark packaging!

I was so eager to try it I applied it as soon as I got home, over my make up that I had on all day after numerous powder touch ups. Therefore I was disappointed when I got a cakey effect and really not much product appeared on my skin. The next day I was still disheartened but applied it over a fresh face of make up and what a difference it made! You only need a very minimal amount, and with the whole 6.5g of product you get this is definitely a product that will last forever. I applied it over Estée Lauder blush in Alluring Rose and got the effect shown in the bottom photo. The product isn't too shimmery and the sunlight picks out just enough shimmer to give glowing cheekbones. It holds wonderful golden tones perfect for the face and body. I find that I sometimes require a quick touch up on an evening but apart from that I can't really fault this product.

Has anybody tried Topshop's highlighter or any other Topshop product that you'd recommend? After this I'm eager to try more!


  1. I've been lusting after this highlighter for ages! I swatch it practically every time I'm in topshop. It looks amazing on you and I think you may have convinced me to splurge! x

    1. Definitely do it! I think it's worth so much more and it will last absolutely forever! :)xo